Rm14 City Class

In term 2 Room 14 took part in City Class. City Class was where we went into the City every Friday with an inquiry that we had to get some information on. To get the information we had to make a appointment with an expert on our inquiry during class time when we were doing city class things. Our inquires were all linked to the environment. Some of them included Eco-Friendly Architecture, Manawatu river pollution, recycling etc. Currently in the library we have a stand that has some brochures that some of us made to show what we have learnt and to prove that it was not just a waste of time. When we did City Class we started off in the youth space and then we went to the Palmerston North city library. Here is a little fact about native plants. There are 75,000 introduced plants and there are 2000 native plants. There are lots of pests in our country. Some have been introduced and some have been here ever since humans have been alive. Some of the pests that are in New Zealand are Possums, Mice, Rats and Feral Cats. For these facts and many more come and check out these awesome brochures here in the school library. Here are some pictures of the display. 

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to the library blog. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Rebecca and I am excited to be the new librarian at Russell Street School. I have already had lots of fabulous visitors since I started but I would love some more! Please come to the library at lunchtime on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday if you want to meet me and enjoy some exciting books and activities. Starting next term there will be even more changes in the library, so watch this space!

Welcome back!

Hi everyone, and thanks for checking in on the library blog to see what’s happening in 2012!

It’s our first day back at school, and already we have some new books 🙂

A huge thank you to the families who very kindly donated books to the library at the end of 2011.

The first display on our stand will be the donations given to us by Jake. These books are some of Jake’s favourites over the years he was at primary school. Jake is an avid reader, and as well as borrowing lots of books from our library, he read loads of books from the city library too. It’s wonderful when books come with a special recommendation like this!

The books will be ready to reserve in the library this week. Here’s a look at what Jake and his family have given us:

Tashi books

Harry and the robots

Harry and the robots

Horrible Harriet

Horrible Harriet

Wolven cover

Wolven series

Book trailer: The Doll People by Ann M. Martin

Caitlin visited the library a while ago, needing some help with a challenge. She had to make a book trailer for a book that she wouldn’t normally choose to read.  I suggested she try The doll people by Ann M. Martin, and she took it away to read. Now she has published her book trailer on Room 12’s class blog (Dozen Fresh Eggs), and has very kindly allowed me to embed it here as well. Thanks Caitlin!

And yes, in case you’re wondering – it turns out that Caitlin did enjoy the book, and she even went on to read the next one in the series: The meanest doll in the world, which you can also find in our library.

The  beautiful illustrations in these stories are done by Brian Selznick, whose book The invention of Hugo Cabret has been made into a 3D feature film (opening in Palmerston North on 12 January 2012). You can see the trailer here.

Scholastic Book Fair

Book fair logoHi everyone, we are getting excited about our Scholastic Book Fair, which will be held in the school library next week!

On Monday, children will have a chance to visit the library with their class, to look at all the books and to make a wish-list to take home. From Monday afternoon, we will be open for business! Families are welcome to come in to the library to browse and buy books on Monday after school, and before and after school for the rest of that week (8:30-9:00am, and 3:00 to 3:30pm). We’ll also be here after the Camp meeting on Tuesday evening, from 6:30-7:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you!